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Homeowners Insurance

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Homeowners Insurance Information

It’s well known that Los Angeles’ suburbs have some of the most-expensive real estate in the country, even for your average family home. That’s why, when you buy a house, you need to have insurance on the property. It’s not just about paying for coverage you think you’ll never use. It’s about having protection behind you when accidents happen that you least expect.

At Strickler Insurance, we are sticklers for helping clients find the best homeowners insurance options on the market today. Our goal is to ensure you get coverage that protects the home around the clock.

Everyone Needs Homeowners Insurance

Miniature houseHouses cost money. So, too, do the items housed inside them. Homeowners insurance exists to help property owners protect themselves, their homes and others in case of costly, harmful accidents. Just a few reasons you need coverage are:

  1. Coverage can help you pay for damage to the home’s structure.
  2. If belongings get damaged or stolen, coverage can help you replace or repair them.
  3. If you have to leave the home while it undergoes repairs, coverage can pay for living costs.
  4. A guest might get hurt on your property. Coverage can help you pay for their recovery costs.
  5. Should someone sue you for causing them harm, your insurance might pay for your legal fees.

The bottom line is that you could lose a lot of money trying to pick up the pieces of a damaged home. The right homeowners insurance will help you pay for your recovery in ways that won’t harm you.

Homeowners Insurance Requirements

When you buy your home, you likely have a few requirements for getting your homeowners insurance:

  • Most lenders require buyers to carry a homeowners policy for the duration of a mortgage.
  • Some lenders also require borrowers to pay for their insurance out of an escrow account.
  • In many cases, you must present proof of coverage before you close on the home.

Standard Coverage Options

Within Strickler Insurance’s homeowners policy offerings, you will get several critical types of coverage:

  • Structure insurance will pay for the costs to repair or rebuild your home following a covered, damaging incident like a fire, vandalism or severe storm.
  • Personal possessions coverage will pay for damage or losses to your personal belongings.
  • Bodily injury liability insurance pays third parties, like visitors, who get hurt on your property.
  • Property damage liability insurance pays others in case you cause damage to their belongings.
  • Medical expenses protection helps pay for injuries others sustain, regardless of whether you were at fault for their injuries.
  • Loss of use coverage will come into play if a damaging incident forces you to have to leave the home for a time. This coverage might pay a portion of your hotel bills, dining costs and more.

Additional Protection

To better specify your coverage, we also offer the following policies:

  • Scheduled personal property coverage for high-value possessions.
  • Pet bite liability insurance that pays others in case your furry friend bites them.
  • Flood insurance is often mandatory if you live in a flood zone. Homeowners policies do not usually cover flooding from weather events.
  • Earthquake coverage: Most homeowners policies don’t cover earthquake damage. We can help you get a supplementary policy.
  • High-value home policies tailor coverage to the high and unique values of expensive homes.
  • Service line coverage helps you pay for damage to the home’s plumbing, sewer, electric or gas lines if you are responsible for their upkeep.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance works like a home warranty. Damage to your home’s critical systems, like its HVAC or gas lines, might cause a lot of problems. This coverage can help you pay to repair those items.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Strickler Insurance, it’s our job to add assurance into your search for insurance. With us, you’ll have numerous homeowners benefits at your fingertips, and we guarantee you’ll get them affordably. 

Diverse Policy Options

All homes are different. That’s why you need a unique homeowners policy. Our insurance partners offer numerous coverage options, and we can tailor yours so it applies directly to your property.


Rest assured that we can help you get a policy that will always meet your financial goals. Even as we increase and adapt your coverage, we’ll make sure you can afford your premium in all circumstances.

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